It has been my experience that the 5-step recovery model developed by Dr. McBride and presented in her book, “Will I Ever Be Good Enough,” is the organic path to healing the wounds of children of narcissistic caregivers. As children, we have no defense against nor awareness of the “crazy-making” paradigms of and treatment from those that have narcissist features. Because, in childhood, we were defenseless against the way our caregivers behaved and treated us, we develop into adults without a clear sense of reality. We doubt our interpretations, memories, and sense of fairness.

Dr. McBride’s work has finally given validation to what happened and has provided a healing protocol for those wounded by narcissistic caregivers.

In Step 1, I help my clients deeply understand and accept what happened and that the caregiver has limitations that will continue. Then, I help the client grieve the parent they did not have and the child they did not get to be.

In Step 2, I assist the client to develop a strong sense of self and identify strengths. We also examine the caregiver’s projections onto and envy of the client. Finally, we work to root out and discard the negative messages that the person internalized. (This is one of my favorite parts of treatment!)

In Step 3, the client develops a healthy, loving internal parent that will meet their needs for nurturing and emotional support. We also work on helping the client learn to understand and manage situations that trigger a temporary collapse in self-esteem and self-regulation.

In Step 4, we put boots on the ground and learn healthy ways to handle interactions with the narcissistic person and others in real-time. I coach my clients to develop and hold healing boundaries, make appropriate new connections, and address the possibility of forgiveness as a tool for the health and healing of the self.

Finally, in Step 5, I assist my client to develop into the parent and person he or she wishes to become.

It would be my pleasure to work with you so that you are able to let go of the pain of the past and embrace the joyful embrace of healing.

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