Christy Lincoln, MA, LCPC (Sterling, IL and Online)

Located in Sterling, Illinois. Providing phone and video sessions to Illinois residents. I specialize in treating adult children of personality disordered parents. I love helping my clients recover from this type of childhood. I use a non-pathologizing approach, and work with each client to build on their

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Joy Davy, MS, LCPC, NCC (Hinsdale, IL)

My life’s work is to help people gain balance, achieve emotional healing, improve self-esteem, resolve childhood issues, and attain personal goals. My therapy style is supportive and collaborative. Compassionate honesty is the characteristic I most value both personally and professionally. The treatment approaches I draw from include

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"Ground Breaking Book. Rather than an esoteric view of maternal narcissism, Dr. Karyl has kept it simple, concise, and very easy to read..."


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