Congratulations on getting to this point in your recovery! Whether you are just starting out or you are ready to go deeper in your treatment, finding a therapist to guide you through this process is a vital step in healing from a narcissistic upbringing.

I specialize in codependency treatment, which is a common outcome of being raised by a narcissistic parent. I’m excited to have Dr. McBride’s model to structure the necessary steps to treat adult children of narcissistic parents. One thing I love about this model is that it does not seek to villainize your parents, in fact it encourages clients to find aspects of parents that you may want to hold onto. I have seen this balanced, compassionate approach lead to great understanding, emotional relief, and the possibility of a healthier relationship with oneself, and sometimes even with one’s mother. My experience, combined with this excellent model, has resulted in a robust treatment that provides insight, movement, and ultimately positive mental health results.

Reach out today and let me help you heal.

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