Jan SantoraThe WIEBGE 5-step recovery model which includes: Acceptance and Grief, Separation/Individuation, Becoming the Woman I am, Dealing with Mother During Recovery, and Ending the Narcissistic Legacy, inspires hope for recovery from narcissistic parents. Sometimes having parents with this disorder is like not having parents at all, and the loss for children is great. I see many clients with parents whose behavior seems to fall on this continuum. It is helpful both for client and therapist to name the losses and proceed with a plan, which this model provides. I look forward to being part of the registry because I work largely with women, have facilitated many Mothering Ourselves groups for adult daughters, believe that narcissism can be seriously injurious, and presently have room in my practice for new clients. I also believe that living with a narcissist can be a case for Chronic Loss (living with a parent who is there but not there).

I offer psychotherapy and counseling for adult individuals, couples and groups regarding life
issues such as work, aging, health, body, personal relationships, finances, and experiencing the
Self. My integrative approach can reduce anxiety and depression; move blocked cellular
energy; facilitate healing of loss and grief; and transform relationship. Coping skills are
formed early to survive in family-of-origin and the culture. As we age, these coping skills
become less adaptive, causing pain. Successful transition through life involves examination of
our ways of coping to keep what works and release what does not, replacing with skills which
enhance life.

My methods include EMDR which uses bilateral stimulation to facilitate processing in the
brain; EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); WIEBGE (Will I Ever Be Good Enough); Theta
Healing; Cognitive, Psychodynamic, Family-of-Origin; and Systems Therapies, as well as
writing and narrative. Treatment is based on individual need and so may include exploring
conflict resolution and development of focusing and self-esteem skills. I am the developer of
“Chronic Loss Syndrome”.

I do not accept insurance, but offer a sliding scale and no-fee initial consult.

License and Credentials:
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LH:00010966

Contact me:

1405 NW 85th Street
Seattle, WA 98117
Phone: 1-206.233.1021
Email: jan.santora1@gmail.com

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training