Pam Snyder, LCSW, ACT (Arvada, CO) Level II Certification

Pam Snyder, LCSW, ACT, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Cognitive Therapist. She has over 15 years experience working with adolescents and women, is trained in family therapy and is a Diplomate with the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. Pam specializes in women’s issues, anxiety, trauma, self-injury and parenting concerns.

Pam has treated many women who were raised with narcissistic parents. Her training in Cognitive Therapy has given her the experience necessary to help women work through the negative beliefs which are often developed in childhood. She works with women who are struggling with negative core beliefs, such as, “I am a failure. I am not good enough. I am a incompetent.” She is able to provide the tools and support necessary to change these core beliefs and work through the difficulties of growing up with a narcissistic mother.

She offers support and hope for women as they travel through life's many transitions. Issues addressed include adjusting to college life, pregnancy, motherhood, body image, relationship changes, anxiety, panic attacks and healing from past trauma and abuse.

Through the development of a safe and nurturing relationship, she can help you end self-destructive patterns, strengthen relationships and build confidence.

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“A much needed book at a critical time. The confusion that narcissism bestows on its victims must be explained in a way everyone can understand. Narcissism flourishes in lack of...

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