How Does Being Raised by a Narcissistic Parent Affect Children?

Narcissists raise children who suffer from crippling self-doubt

Why does it matter if a parent is a narcissist, how does that hurt a child? You may be asking this question if you are one of the following: a person who is co-parenting with a narcissistic ex, someone raised by a narcissistic parent, one who is in a love relationship with a narcissist, or maybe a divorce professional working on a case that involves a narcissistic parent. Given my research and clinical experience, I want to provide more education and awareness about how this disorder does hurt children.

First, let me explain that narcissistic personality disorder is mis-understood when applied to someone who is just boastful, arrogant and all about themselves. While these traits are annoying and not fun to be around, narcissism is a much deeper and destructive disorder that has devastating effects on the people in relationship with them. It’s a difficult disorder to treat and many say is untreatable. The cornerstone of this disorder is lack of empathy and the inability to tune into the emotional world of others.

So, how does narcissistic parenting affect children?

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“Daughters of narcissistic mothers have led a life of emotional isolation. It is one of secrecy, fake identity, and withdrawal from their own needs. In this book, the personal stories...

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